Logo – What is it?

The logo is the appropriate sign to identify an entity that provides services or commercializes products, distinguishing it from the others, and may be used, in particular, in establishments, advertisements, printed or correspondence. It is the way in which a certain entity intends to be known to the public. It may consist of a sign or set of signs that are susceptible to graphical representation, notably by nominative, figurative elements or by a combination of both.


What is Brand?

The brand is the set of tangible and non-tangible characteristics materialized in logo, Graphisms, mascot, music, among other manifestations. If managed appropriately, they bring value to the brand due to the influence caused in the purchase decision. The brand of a company has to synthesize all values and solutions for the potential needs of its consumers.


Branding…? What is Branding?

Branding is the grouping of solutions that a brand needs to survive in the market. It covers since the creation of a new brand, in the administration of it and the repositioning of existing brands that go through difficulties. Branding is divided into the following steps: Target audience detailing, brand positioning, multisensory construction.